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Our Board


Justyna Jablonska

Justyna was a part of humanitarian programs in Kenya, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Liberia. She works with international and regional humanitarian organizations.


She has Masters degree in Humanitarian Studies and International Relations. She obtained postgraduate studies in Psychology of Management and Human Resources Management. She graduated Advanced Leadership Program for Top Talents by Center for Leadership, as well as Leadership Training by Oxford Leadership.


Her field of expertise: holistic leadership, people and project management in unstable context, NVC, coaching, and mentoring.Justyna is an author of „Self-mangement. Become your own leader”.


“I believe that a life based on purpose and values enriches the world, making a real, positive contribution that goes beyond itself. Every great journey starts with a small step. This step is to reflect and answer the question: Why am I on earth? This beginning is within a person, and makes an impact on others and around the world. People with purpose and values have their hearts open to others, to organizations and to the world”.


Elizabeth Bandura

Elisabeth is devoted humanitarian for the last 25 years. She is based in West Africa, where she works for international medical organization. She graduated people management studies.

Her fields of expertise are: developing a positive dynamic between national and international team members, nationalization of international positions, people management, effective administration, and conflict management. 

Elizabeth believes in humanitarian values, embody it, and help others to act upon it.
She believes that future depends on how we act today.
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Hassan Khan

For the last 20 years Hassan was responsible for management of dozens of missions in countries such as Yemen, DRC, Sudan, Ethiopia, Haiti, Syria, Sierra Leone, India, Iraq, and many more.

He graduated his Masters in Humanitarian Management, and Psychology. He is a professional humanitarian trainer in security management.

His fields of expertise are: complex program management, security management, emergency interventions. 

 “When making my first steps in humanitarian assignments I was not focusing on my leadership. And it was my mistake. I believe that personal leadership brings people around common purpose. It helps people to make a collective, great change for the benefit of beneficiaries”.